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Purchase Cerazette 75mcg x 168 in Alsdorf right now. Active Ingredient(s): Desogestrel Not sure which Contraception treatment you need? Cerazette 75mcg x 168 in Alsdorf is a mini-pill, or progestogen-only pill, that provides the same comprehensive protection against pregnancy as a combined contraceptive, otherwise known as ‘the pill’. In clinical trials it was almost 100% effective in stopping conception, and is one of the only mini-pills that can be taken up to 12 hours late, providing you with more flexibility. Cerazette 75mcg x 168 in Alsdorf is the only mini-pill that can prevent ovulation and can help to reduce period pains. Onlineclinic offers a convenient and safe way to get your contraceptive medication online. Our consultation service is completely free, and we only work with EU registered doctors. All our orders are shipped out via free overnight delivery from an accredited pharmacy. What are the benefits of using Cerazette 75mcg x 168 in Alsdorf? Cerazette 75mcg x 168 in Alsdorf is a progestogen-only pill. It doesn't contain any oestrogen, which may make it more suitable for women who tend to develop side effects when using dual contraceptives. Cerazette 75mcg x 168 in Alsdorf pills may be prescribed as an alternative to the combined pill, which breastfeeding women and older women who smoke are not advised to use. Unlike other mini-pills, Cerazette 75mcg x 168 in Alsdorf pills prevent ovulation, which makes it just as effective as a combined contraceptive. When clinically tested, this contraceptive helped to reduce severe period pain in 94% of participants, which again makes it unique amongst mini-pills. How does it work? Many women prefer to use contraceptive pills because they stop ovulation, something which most progestogen-only pills don't do. Cerazette 75mcg x 168 in Alsdorf pills are an exception to this, as its active ingredient, desogestrel, works in much the same way as the dual ingredients in the combined pill, convincing the body that ovulation has already happened so an egg is not released. Cerazette 75mcg x 168 in Alsdorf then prevents the womb lining from thickening so that an egg can't easily attach itself to it and develop, in the rare instance that ovulation might occur. The mini-pill's hormonal effect will also keep sperm away from the womb by thickening the cervical fluid. Who can take it? Most women over the age of 18 can use Cerazette 75mcg x 168 in Alsdorf, however, you should not use it if you are pregnant or are allergic to dosogestrel. You may also not be able to use it if you have or have had thrombosis, breast cancer, unexplained vaginal bleeding, liver, heart or kidney problems, or jaundice. It is important that you mention any health problems or medications you are taking in as much detail as possible when you take your online consultation, to ensure it is safe for you to take any kind of medication. How do you take Cerazette 75mcg x 168 in Alsdorf? Cerazette 75mcg x 168 in Alsdorf pills come in calendar strips, each containing 28 pills. To ensure that you are fully protected against falling pregnant, you should take the first pill on the first day of your period. After you've taken the first pill, Cerazette 75mcg x 168 in Alsdorf should be taken once a day, at the same time every day, without any breaks between calendar strips. What are the side effects? Cerazette 75mcg x 168 in Alsdorf is a convenient way of preventing pregnancy for many women and although it is very well tolerated, some women may experience side effects while taking it. The most common side effects are changes in mood, decreased sex drive (libido), nausea, acne, headaches, breast pain, irregular or no periods and minor weight gain. When using an oral contraceptive for the first time, some women may experience some mild side effects during their adjustment period, whilst their body gets used to the hormones. Ordering Cerazette 75mcg x 168 in Alsdorf pills online OnlineClinic offers you a safe way to order your contraceptives online. As part of our ordering process we offer an online consultation service so that we can ensure Cerazette 75mcg x 168 in Alsdorf is right for you. If your consultation is approved, our doctor will issue a prescription and our pharmacy will dispense your treatment via free overnight delivery. Cerazette 75mcg x 168 in Alsdorf - Patient Information Leaflet The Cerazette 75mcg x 168 in Alsdorf patient information leaflet (PIL) is provided for informational purposes only. For the latest manufacture's information please refer to the PIL in the packaging. Onlineclinic does not accept liability for the information displayed.

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